Foreign languages

Is it possible to listen to people talking 8 different languages and not becoming unhinged? Yes, it is correct 8!!!!!!
Probably not! Because with Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese I sometimes wonder in which language I am talking. uff!!

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English TO DO list

Every travel must have some kind of TO DO LIST. So like any other travellers, I decided that I need to have one, me too.

No worries, I will up date it every time something new happens ūüėČ


Рpaying with pounds instead of euros                                                                   DONE    Continue reading

The Wolf of Wall Street

Yesterday, we decided to go to down town and watch one of the lastest movies; our plan was mexican dinner and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.


Let’s start from the mexican: my Irish flatmate reassured me about the strong piquancy of the mexican food. Even if I was not completely sure of this, I decided to trust him and have a burrito with sliced chicken breast in it. The WORST decision EVER!!!! ¬†It WAS spicy!!! Anyway, not too bad for being my first time in a mexican restaurant.

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Chocolate tasting session

What a hard task we had today!

We were asked to test the quality of a new product we are selling in London. So this afternoon we left apart our researches and we dedicated a moment to this difficult and important task.

This new client wanted to be 100% sure that the quality of his chocolate was perfectly intact. A range of 6 different dark chocolate was tested for the meeting planned for tomorrow.

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One week ago…

I can’t believe one week has already passed!

My trip started late morning on friday the 10th because this new adventure was about to start. Just some days before my departure I saw some old friends and we were laughing about my fear of ¬†having some kind of unforeseen difficulties. Actually it is what happened! But let’s start from the beginning…

My dad and an uncle gave me a lift to the airport and things seemed to go quite well so far (which surprised me quite a lot!): we arrived well in advance and we decided to have lunch in the airport restaurant (ndr. my flight was at 14h20).   Continue reading

Why reading this blog?

“Oh, here again! Another blog appeared!” That is for sure what you all are thinking, but I am sure some of you will understand. It is not my cup of tea¬†but I stole the idea to one of my friends (see her blog if you want to). Actually, it IS a wonderful idea, because I am always travelling these years and I need to keep in touch with the friends I have. Which is not always so easy to do. So that’s why I opened this blog.

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