One week ago…

I can’t believe one week has already passed!

My trip started late morning on friday the 10th because this new adventure was about to start. Just some days before my departure I saw some old friends and we were laughing about my fear of  having some kind of unforeseen difficulties. Actually it is what happened! But let’s start from the beginning…

My dad and an uncle gave me a lift to the airport and things seemed to go quite well so far (which surprised me quite a lot!): we arrived well in advance and we decided to have lunch in the airport restaurant (ndr. my flight was at 14h20).   I couldn’t eat all so I put in my bag the fruit salad I bought. Oh, just for your information Ryanair has added an extra free hand-luggage! Anyway, the flight was quiet and busy (the aircraft was completely full but everybody -included me- fell asleep) and everything was OK until I arrived.

I didn’t know, but at the UK airports you need to pass the border and some nice people control your passports. That comes the funny part of the day! I was in the queue with the other passengers, waiting for my turn. I saw people with the passport in their hands, so I decided to take my ID out of my bag… SURPRISE!!!! The container with the fruit salad just opened and the juice went everywhere in my bag!!!! So my ID was completely wet and smelled of fruit juice! Nice uh??? In the moment I realised it, it was my turn. Imagine the face of the lady at the UK border looking at my wet ID card and listening to why it was all wet. Luckly, she was in a good mood and just said to me “try to have it dry when you go back!”  THANK YOU!!!! The step after was having it dried, so the only thing that came me in mind was going in the toilets and put the ID under the dryer you find there.

But the misadventures weren’t finished yet! In fact, the bus I was supposed to catch arrived 40min later. It would be OK if it wasn’t that my boss planned to go to the rail station and pick me up. Because of an accident on the way to Ipswich, we arrived 2h after the scheduled time. He drove to my house and finally the journey ended with some nice young guys and an understanding landlord waiting for me! What a wonderful welcome after a day like that! 😀

To be continued…                                                               Airplane


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