The Wolf of Wall Street

Yesterday, we decided to go to down town and watch one of the lastest movies; our plan was mexican dinner and “The Wolf of Wall Street”.


Let’s start from the mexican: my Irish flatmate reassured me about the strong piquancy of the mexican food. Even if I was not completely sure of this, I decided to trust him and have a burrito with sliced chicken breast in it. The WORST decision EVER!!!!  It WAS spicy!!! Anyway, not too bad for being my first time in a mexican restaurant.

The movie: quite interesting, actually. When you are there, looking at it, you are just focused on some parts of the whole story. You know that sentence “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”????? Well, forget about the Rock’n’Roll, and just multiply to infinity the other two. You will obtain the theme of the film. But once it is finished and you start thinking about the life of this man, what he did to achieve his goals, which means he used, how the whole story ended… well, it makes you think a little bit more on the consequences of your decisions. Because, he wanted to be extremely rich and he did whatever he could to do it. Would you personally do to act like him? Would you gamble your entire life just to be rich? Actually, I don’t know. I think I won’t, but we could never know if in that situation we would react as we expect to.


So, I recommend you to go, see the movie and tell what you think about it (if you want to!)


Cheers 😉


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