English TO DO list

Every travel must have some kind of TO DO LIST. So like any other travellers, I decided that I need to have one, me too.

No worries, I will up date it every time something new happens 😉


– paying with pounds instead of euros                                                                   DONE   

– guessing the value of the coins by their size                                                       DONE

– living in a playhouse                                                                                            DONE

– getting lost every time I walk in the neighborhood                                               DONE

– drinking tea at any time during the day (and the night)                                       DONE

– having dinner at 6pm                                                                                          DONE

– being on the other side of the car                                                                       DONE

– driving on the other side of the road                                                                   DONE

– saying “CHEERS” instead of “thanks”                                                                 DONE

– being invisible at the zebra cross                                                                        DONE

– looking for the zebra cross                                                                                  DONE

– waiting hours before crossing the zebra cross                                                    DONE

– going to the supermarket and buying just italian products                                  DONE

– cooking some italian traditional dishes                                                                DONE

– buying greeting cards instead of postcards                                                        DONE

– trying to understand English humor                                                                    DONE

– having nieghboors making fireworks just in front of your house                         DONE

– having a barbecue dinner                                                                                   DONE

– going to a restaurant and being served some tea before the meal                    DONE

to be continued…                                                                                                                                         lista


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