Foreign languages

Is it possible to listen to people talking 8 different languages and not becoming unhinged? Yes, it is correct 8!!!!!!
Probably not! Because with Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese I sometimes wonder in which language I am talking. uff!!

Honestly, it is quite a hard work because when you start getting used to speak in one language, it is difficult to literally jump from one to another! Sometimes, when I call home it takes me a moment to find the correct word. I was told that it is the sign you slowly become fluent in that language! Hope so!!! With all the time, money and efforts I spend to reach the goals I have fixed, the results are the first things I am looking for!

Actually, on the square, I envy those who can speak so many languages, very different from one another. I mean, what do Japanese, Russian and English have in common??? They do not even have the same alphabet, for God’s sake!! O.o It’s incredible! When you listen to them switch from English to Portuguese and then to Russian it’s just amazing! I would like to be like that one day! To be able to speak perfectly 4-5 different languages, without asking myself what I am saying. It would be just awesome!

Speaking of foreign languages, I would like to start learning a new thrilling foreign language: Portuges, Dansk, Deutsch, Svenka, Polski, Suomi… Any suggestion?? If you have some ideas, please tell me!


Cheers 🙂


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