a modern Hamlet

This or that?amleto6

Here or there?

Refuse it or accept it?

Yes or no?

I am not Hamlet, not yet. I am stuck in-between these options. And if on one hand I like having options to choose through, on the other hand sometimes it might be difficult.     Actually it is difficult when lot of relevant variations are considered. It could be a never-ending list: your career, your beloved ones, your mood of the moment, your dreams, your current job/occupation, your impressions on the options, your thoughts on the working situation, inflences from all around… .

As I am writing, I AM in one of this in-between period, in search of an answer to my questions, in a desperate need of a decision to make. Don’t be worried about it, it is nothing to write home about: it is just my short-term future life at stake. 😛

In any case, I need to make a decision quite rapidly and I know that somewhere in my heart I have already made it. I just have to figure the solution out. On Sunday I cook a cake to keep me busy. Why? Because I found that if I need to think about something and it is a tough decision, cooking help me to free my mind from all the thoughts and by focusing on the recipe, I am able to clam down and go from the “right” solution. Just one problem: the recipe was too easy and it didn’t give me much time to complete the consideration process. But I am nearly there.

As soon as I have made my final decision and plan my future, you will be the first people to know it.

Cheers! 😀


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