“Amigo, llévate lo que tú quieras,Friendship-Wallpapers-HD
penetra tu mirada en los rincones,
y si así lo deseas yo te doy mi alma entera
con sus blancas avenidas y sus canciones.

Amigo —con la tarde haz que se vaya
este inútil y viejo deseo de vencer,

Bebe en mi cántaro si tienes sed.

Amigo —con la tarde haz que se vaya
este deseo mío de que todo rosal
me pertenezca, Amigo,
si tienes hambre come de mi pan.

Todo, amigo, lo he hecho para ti. Todo esto
que sin mirar verás en mi estancia desnuda:
todo esto que se eleva por los muros derechos
—como mi corazón— siempre buscando altura.

Te sonríes —amigo… ¡Qué importa! Nadie sabe
entregar en las manos lo que se esconde adentro,
pero yo te doy mi alma, ánfora de mieles suaves,
y todo te lo doy… Menos aquel recuerdo…

…Que en mi heredad vacía aquel amor perdido,
es una rosa blanca, que se abre en silencio…”  (P. Neruda, 1923)

Exactly 2 years ago I met the people that would change my whole vision of the Erasmus. They enter in my life just in the perfect moment: I was lonely, in a foreign country (I knew the language, but you’re always a little bit lost), in a temporary house, with NO friends. And the guys at work were so kind to invite me to a night out with other “erasmus students”. I wasn’t 100% sure that I could integrate myself in a group quite united as the one I would have faced in the following hours. But I was wrong! When you are in a foreign country (or simply in a place you don’t know anybody), you just try to make some friends. And it is absolutely normal, I mean, nobody would be alone! By the time I went home that night, I could feel there was enough place for my in that multicultural, multilingual and miscellaneous group of people. I could have never imagined that with those special group of people I would have shared some of the most amazing experiences, built some of the strongest friendship in my life, felt part of a family.

The chemistry between all of us started working almost immediately and the bricks of our relationship were created and tied together with the strongest binding element. They say that the friends you meet during University will be long-lasting friendships and so far, with all our ups and downs, with all the km that divide us, with all the experiences we are now facing, I can say with no doubt that I can rely on them and that if we had the possibility to rejoin, it would be as the time stopped for a while.

I bless the day I agreed to go out that night and the angels that proposed that tea-night.

Cheers! 🙂


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