Venturing the Wine world


It will be the date in which I officially ventured dove into the fabulous world of Wine.

Eh oui! Everything started last week when I was looking for some events in Ipswich, just to take advantage of the possibility to do something interesting and unusual during the weekend or the evening. So I googled “events in Ipswich” and I found some very interesting -and as usual impossible to attend for me- courses, evenings, plays… . Among them a few wine tastings.

Eureka! Why not broadening my horizons by attending one of those? So I checked the time and date, just to be sure not to mislead myself before time, and I COULD GO!!!!!!!! Couldn’t believe! It was just after work and in town, so I didn’t have to travel a lot. Just perfect! The next day I asked if somebody wanted to join me and I went downtown to book it (quite expensive though, for my suffering wallet but worth it.


So, yesterday was the big day! A wine tasting led by the managing director of a big wine importing company in central London. The evening was planned to start at 7pm. So just after work I caught the bus and went to the city centre: with my booking confirmation I entered the Arlington Brasserie (a French style bar-restaurant). As usual, I went in the wrong hall and came back to the entrance to ask somebody where the tasting was. The organiser showed me a small table with a single chair, single glass and decanter of water: WHAT A SAD  IMAGE! 🙂 I didn’t know that the places were organised according to the actual bookings.

With a delay of nearly half a hour, this MD arrived and directly started the tasting session: 6 different type of wines from the LOIRE VALLEY. Hihihihih I know, I am from Italy in the UK tasting French wine. BIZARRE! Anyway, we were given some finger food to eat while drinking the wines. Four whites, one rosé and one red. Unknown wines for me, so everything new! I won’t go into detail with the colour, the aromas, the taste of each wine. I will just tell you for now (because I am too tired, sorry) that I managed to guess some of the aromas (yuppi!!!!!!). In a bit more than an hour later, I was talking with this MD in order to ask him some questions about other wine tastings, courses, certifications… and I had a lovely and interesting chat about wine.


I went out of that Brasserie feeling good (no, it wasn’t the effect of the alcohol), satisfied of what I learned, hopeful about some new interesting future events.


Cheers! 🙂

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