Jesus Christ Superstar

Few weeks ago, I found on the internet some interesting events in Ipswich.

It is quite usual that with the arrival of the Spring, a lot of outdoors events, exhibitions and other recreational activities are planned.

At the Regent Theatre, an amateur company put on Jesus Christ Superstar. I have never had the opportunity to go and2014-04-11 20.17.21 see this play so I thought “this is it”. I must go!

And that is exactly what I did. I asked few people if they were interested in coming and see the play with me and I found them. The next step was to choose a date from the list and buy the tickets.

Last saturday I went to the Tourist Office (they could help me at last!) and I booked the best seats I could: in the stalls, in the middle of the theatre, not too near the stage and not in a overcrowed place. Just perfect. I was excitied during the whole week and I tried so many outfits that I seemed just crazy! But I have never been to such a big event and I wanted to be perfect for the occasion.

Anyway, days went by soooooo slowly that I thought that the day X would have never arrived. But it finally did! ❤


The plays was at 7h30 pm and we were supposed to be there at least 30mins before. I ran out of the office and literally flew home in order to have more time and do everything on time, because I knew something could go wrong. Shower, dress, shoes, a cuppa, make-up, perfume…. Did I miss something??? The tickets of course. Furtunately for me I was still at home so no worries for that, but I checked and re-checked several times before leaving the house. Once there, I was so excited to finally be in a theatre again (last time I went was October 2013 for a concert. Oh yes, I must tell you about this!) that I barely looked and the crowd inside. We finally took our places (they WERE fenomenal, I must admit the girl at the box office chose very well) and we bought some sort of programme of the play (honeslty I was fairly disappointed by that because it was just a list of the actors and of the songs, nothing more).


I don’t know how many of you had the chance to see the play, but at the beginning there’s a man playing a guitar. Jesus opened the performance playing and singing some kind of rock music. O.o  But I soon realized I was mistaken. It was another character who opened the show, because Jesus made the scene later.

Lots of songs and characters on the stage, with some modern rock/ swing/indie kind of music, some indiscernible miskates (a girl in the corps de ballet forgot some dance steps) and some minor problems with the microphones but in the whole the play was amazing.

Would you like to know who was the character that started the play? If you are like me (non English-born) you would have understood just before the end of the firt part that the guy with the guitar was JUDAS! In fact, at the end of the first part of the play there’s this man receiving a small bag with coins inside. I finally solved the mistery. Yuppi!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


After more than 2 hours, unfortunately the play finished and we went straight home. With a big smile on my face 😀 I managed to see one of the plays I always wanted to be. And it just passed so fast! Maybe it is what happens when you do something you really like. That is the type of things I would like to do quite often. Because life is not just duties, it should also be full of some fun, once in a while.


Cheers 🙂


P.S : unfortunately I couldn’t take some pictures myself, so I just put here some you can find on internet.


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