Food is The Window of My Feelings

I want to trumpet that I LOVE EATING! I think – and I will always do- that eating is one of the most immeasurable pleasure we haveCibo in this life. I just cannot think my life without food (apart for the fact that we could barely live without). They say that the eyes are the window of the soul. Well in this case, I would rather say that food is the window of my feelings.

Through all these years of my short life, I experienced this great truth. No matter how I feel about something, food will tell you the truth about it, even though I didn’t say a word. People that know me reasonably well will probably say exactly the same thing (ask my mum, if you don’t believe me!): I found out that I am unable to hide my feelings and can easily know them by looking at my plate.

I am sure many of you have their own way of showing their emotions: there are people shouting, singing, running, reading, listening to music, travelling… I focus on food. I still don’t know why. Probably because I have such a special consideration for it that unconsciously I speak through it.

Do you want the key to understand me? Let’s start from the very beginning: I LOVE COOKING. I like trying new recipes, going to the local market, looking at the products in season, the latest trends etc, just for the pleasure of it. I could spend my whole day at the market or the supermarket, contemplating the products displayed, stargazing about this or that recipe I saw the day before. BUT, sometimes I find relief in cooking: when I need to make some decisions, I start cooking. Somebody could say WHY? When I am cooking, my mind and thoughts are focused on the recipe and the final result, so I can clear some space for the most inner thoughts that need to guide me throught the decision-making process. Result? I end with a solution to my problems and a good dish to celebrate 🙂

On the other hand, all that is related to negative feelings shows itself as a closure of my stomach. Really! My mum could detect I was ill simply because I stop eating. I just cannot see the food in the way it was meant to be. But I think that this is quite normal. Am I right?

The problem comes when I am stressed or something bothers or worries me enough to make me stop loving food. I still remember how sick I felt every time I had an exam: not because I didn’t want to do it, but on the contrary I was so worried I could fail or that something terrible could happen that I slept badly, I didn’t eat … I also vomited once! hihihihi (I am sorry I should not laugh but it sounds so stupid!)

So, next time you want to know what’s going on with me, follow this simple rule:

– AM I EATING? Everything is perfect;

– AM I COOKING and I am very very engrossed by it that I barely listen to you speaking? I am probably trying to make some decisions;

– AM I NOT EATING? well, then you should be worried, because I could be ill, stressed or worried about something. BUT it will pass soon, don’t worry! 😀


How about you??? How do you show your feelings??

Cheers! 🙂


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