Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday in East Anglia the weather was unexpectedly warm and sunny and as we scavenger-huntspent the day at some friends’ house we decided to go for a walk in the countryside. Just before lunch I was introduced to the dozens of flowers and plants here and there in the garden and I had a lovely chat on the life in the countryside. I must admit I am very lucky to live in it.

The weather was soo nice that we decided to relax a bit in the garden before going for a walk. Even if I hadn’t the right equipment for a walk in the paths around the house, I joined the small group of “explorers” and went with them for a scavenger hunt. There was no prize at the end of it, but the idea of challenging myself with hints and clues to find the next spot amused me so much that I couldn’t refuse. More important (and even more disappointing), I was promised to see some pigs. I saw none. But, I could see some horses and the beauty of the nature: speechless.

Unfortunately, I am not a good photographer, so I left the task of immortalize the moments to somebody more skilled than me. The path we took was marked by some sort of dice-shakers hidden here and there. With a GPS position tracker (upon which this type of game relies on), we followed the clues and tried to solve the mystery behind them to find the hidden things and finish the path.

Luckly enough, Andy already was an expert of it, so he helped us finding the objects in some occasions and helped me with the clues (as they were mostly incomprehensiblle). Along the way, we had to climb trees, exploring bushes, paying attention to nettles, spotted some pheasants, patridges, birds of any sort, a fock of black sheeps (joking on the meaning of “being the black sheep of the family”)… . In one of the immense fields we were surrounded by, a group of horses was grazing and my inner child came out of the blue as I looked at them. I was so excited that my travel companions took me lots of pictures with them ❤

One clue was missing and we spent quite a reasonable amount of time looking for it. It was hidden near a locked gate, related to some plates and dogs…. Not very helpful at all! But, the GPS told us the paper you need to sign once you find the spot was new, so others managed to find the missing dice-shaker. We didn’t give up and after a loooooong time, we finally FOUND it!!!!! it was hidden by some ivy, growing on one of the sticks. Buff by the result of our research, we came back to the house for teatime: delicious sponge cake -filled with cream and strawberries- and a hazelnut cake I made. The perfect way to end a perfect day!

How was your weekend?

Cheers! 🙂


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