New Worlds

Few months ago, I was overwhelmed by far too many things: objectives to reach, things to set up, lives to organise and I brilliantly thought of looking for a summer job. TERRIBLE IDEA!

Months passed and no answered filled my email box. One day magically appeared a new email apologising first for not replying earlier because they had to think of what job they could offer me. That was music for my ears! I was finally offered a summer job, whatever it was. At the beginning, as usual, I was a bit afraid of the work environment, the tasks to accomplish, the method of work ect. I was told I had to help in the promotion of a new line of Piedmontese wines, created by an association of local wineries. So far, REALLY interesting!

The starting day was last monday (it’s just been a week now that I work here) and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this company and especially this project. I knew wine was involved (and that was the most important aspect for me at the beginning) but the actual day-to-day tasks were rather obscure.

It is quite early to give a definitive opinion on this summer job, but I think I might do it for a long time: it has been a good start, everything is wine-oriented, I have a direct and active contribution to the project, even if it is limited to accomplish some less important tasks, and time flies. So far, it is a positive impression and I really hope it will be like that till the end.

Unfortunately, it won’t last forever, as the due end is mid-september or end of the month, but it will contribute enormously to my CV and my personal growth as I think I finally found my place in the world of work.


More news? soon 🙂

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