The reasons for travelling

We travel not to escape life,

but for life not to escape us.






This is just one of the reasons we can have to travel. Here come the ones that came in my mind so far:

– we travel to discover new unknown spots;

– we travel to challenge our boundaries;

– we travel to create connections;

– we travel to escape routine;

– we travel to have memories;

– we travel to make new experiences;

– we travel to become a different person;

– we travel to practice a new language and live a different culture;

– we travel to do business;

– we travel to find ourselves;

– we travel to plan our next journey;

– we travel to find inspiration;

– we travel to open our minds;

– we travel to alleviate our craving for travelling.


This last one is probably the worst reason we travel. It is a never ending desire. Instead of decrease, it constantly bloats. It always surprises me! 😀


How about you? What are the reasons for travelling, in your opinion?


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