When it Comes to Social Media do the Numbers Matter?

This morning in one of the rare moments of calm in the office, when all the urgent work was done, I logged in into my LinkedIn account and found this interesting article on Social Media. And it made me think. A lot.social media



The aim of the article is a bit different but the basis is the same: numbers.

It is true that it is not important how many friends you have on Facebook or how many people follow your Instagram/Twitter/Flickr etc. profile. The thing that should matter the most is the quality. It is irrelevant that you have thousands of friends or followers and you know just a hundred of them. But I guess it is something unusual to say. After all the things I went through, I am more and more convinced that the numbers do not count. Namely, they do count but not the way people think. Just because you have 20something friends, that does not mean that they worth less than hundreds. If they are the ones that were there in your tough moments, when you were going through hard times, they are the one worth it. They are those you need to stay with. They deserve your whole attention and energy. They will not turn from you. They will be happy to see you even after months, even if you disappeared, even if you were the most ungrateful friend.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity

So, thank you to all my dearest friends for being there every time I need your support. Thank you even though I do not deserve your love. Thank you for enhancing my days.


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