Where is politeness gone?

This morning an unexpected “scene” made me think and medidate on politeness and all the things that go with. 

The situation was this one: a young boy (I would say around 11 years old) was on the tram and some ticket inspectors caught the tram to check that everybody paid the ticket. So far, everything is fine. At some point, the young boy pass in front of one of the ticket inspectors and said arrogantly “Eh, J’ai dit bonjour!” (translation: “Hey, I said ‘morning!”). politeness

Speechless and afraid of doing or saying anything. Maybe I live in another world, but for me that was just too much. First, he said nothing at all, and secondly I was taught to never speak arrogantly or in a rude manner to somebody you do not know, especially authorities or elder people.

I do not want to talk about nobody (nor any country) in particular, because it is something I am seeing quite often, unfortunately in different places and countries. The shocking aspect for me was the free spite to the inspector, when no bad behaviour caused it. I admit we can be angry for any reason, but that does not mean we can throw malice that way.

Honestly, I can not define a single responsible for this, but it is true that it is more and more common to see people act badly, rudely, arrogantly, perversely, insulting others etc. I am still trying to “swallow” these negative habits and I am looking forward to finding a way to change them, at least in my small world.

Have you been an eyewitness of some kind of situation recently? How did you react?


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