Weekend en Mayenne

A weekend break was definitely needed at this point of the year. We just felt overwelmed:2014-11-22 16.36.14 internship research, different projects going on at Uni, exams coming fast and fast, student jobs and stuff. So a friend suggested a weekend in the French countryside. What a wonderful idea! It was as regenerating as a hot bath after a long and stressful day.

We did not do much during this short and intense weekend, but it was just awesome! All we had to do was to relax and enjoy our time together. To kick off we went buying some food for the bunch of people that would have joined us in few hours. Fireplace, board games and some old long play record did the rest. Although the house was insanely cold, I guess we have to thank the fact the heating wasn’t working so we spent as much time all together as possible in the same room, in front of the fire.

Saturday was consacrated to the discovery of Craon castle and gardens: for me, they were some sort of tiny wee (as a friend of mine always says) country version of Versailles. The shape of the castle itself reminded me of Versailles and that wonderful week with my Uni friends in Paris (I will talk about it one day). Apparently, a noble family still lives in a wing of the castle, while the rest of it is open to the public. Although the visit to the garden is paid, the afternoon there was definitely worth it! A chapel and a courtyard behind the castle is the first thing you manage to see once you enter the gates, just beside the small house of the guardian. Some animals live there: cows and horses primarily. The front French garden was cautiously looked after and a round simple fountain was place at the bottom of the front stairs, just before the main gate you could see from the street.

It was fun to see how the houses around the castle had the same shape: old victorian houses with a garden full of flowers and fountains.

That was a weekend really worth spending all together in an old country house with a bunch of cool friends ❤



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