The Power of Blindness

Today, some friends and I, we had a presentation on Australian and New Zealand wines. Our plan for the day was to introduce the analysis of the two countries we made and to make a small game. A little blind tasting on 2 wines we brought for the occasion. We went for a blind tasting because we knew that people might have some prejudices on the blindnessquality of wine, by looking at the label or by knowing its price.

During the tasting, we asked to describe the wine, what they thought about the wine itself, about its quality and how much they were prepared to pay, if they had to buy it. Susprisingly enough (or not so much), people were disoriented to discover that the red wine (of which they have a better opinion) actually costed less than the white one. Quality and price this time (as in many other occasions) did not go together. In fact, as some people discover only once they made the effort of trying, sometimes a less expensive wine (or other product) is of better quality than an expensive one. We are no more in an era where price means quality: maybe it was the rule centuries ago. But now, with globalisation and other changes in the economy and production techniques, it is no longer the case everywhere.

So, to all of you I say: when you think the quality of a product you don’t know is low, only because of a lower price (and of course you can’t define it), “jump in the dark” and buy it. In the worst of cases, it really was as bad as you thought. But, it could also be better than expected.

Cheers! ­čÖé

2 thoughts on “The Power of Blindness

    • You’re right, but some people have misconceptions on new world wines and althought they taste them and like them, they can keep saying it’s not that good. Lukily enough, they are not the majority.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion! I really appreciate it!

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