9 Small Things You Can Do That Promote Greater Change

Only reading this post made me happier and more confident about today’s achievements, whether big or small 🙂 try it!

Thought Catalog


Big changes often start small.

They begin with the little things. The everyday decisions that eventually add up and accumulate into a grander tapestry. Sometimes the best way to change yourself is by starting small. Like maybe brushing your teeth, or washing those jeans you’ve worn two weeks in a row. Just as examples, you slob.

1. Make your hygiene/appearance a priority

If you’re a girl (because really, we spend waaaaay more time on our appearance than dudes – at least in most cases) be sure to make time to feel ‘pretty’. To feel attractive. To feel good about yourself. If you’re in a funk of sweat pants and messy buns, pick out your favorite shirt, style your hair, maybe throw on a new lipstick. Yes, even if you’re not going anywhere. Even if you’re unlikely to meet another soul and will probably be on your couch watching Netflix…

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