3 Things I Have Learned This Week

Do not think I will write about something philosophical or with a deep meaning. This first week at work taught me few interesting things that I wanted to share with you all.

1 – Picmonkey and Constant Contact. These are 2 of the programs that we normally use at work. They are largely used to prepare our weekly newsletters. I could play a bit with both of them and I must admit that they are quite interesting. Constant Contact is basically another MailChimp (probably more famous than Constant Contact), with the same functions and tools. Picmonkey, on the other hand, is an online program (no need to download it, it is possible to use it directly from the website to modify your pictures. You can creat banners, collages, add texts to your pictues etc.

2 – Not everybody thinks like you. I have already learned this lesson but I keep forgetting it. I re-learned it from work, home, friends, life in general. You always have to keep in mind that people are not you, they have their own lives, experiences and opinions. That is why the world is such a wonderful place. If everybody thinks the same, it will be toooooooo boring.

3 – Payday is the 2nd sweetest word in my vocabulary, just after Gewurztraminer. When you are given a true, material reward for your work, it feels so good! Do not get me wrong, compliments are a fair reward too, but once I heard from somebody that he never congratulated his employees, even if they did a great job because it would have boosted their ego and made them boasted about their abilities, losing their concentration. Maybe never is unfair, but it is true (at least for me) that if somebodies congratulates you, you start losing your ability to work effectively and efficiently somehow.


Just that. Leave you now, dinner is ready! Cheers everybody 🙂


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