The United Kindom (wrongly called England) is the a combination of 4 different countries (England, Scotland, Wlaes and Northern Ireland) led by the Elizabeth II. I do not add anything else because I know that you all know something about UK (and surely more than I do), so I will leave your immagination and knowledge complete what I have just written.

Anyway, it is the 3rd foreign country I have gone to, after France and Spain. I visited a few more, but just brefly. I will probably talk about those journeys once. Now, let’s focus on England. An internship took me here. And precisely, an internship as manager assistant for a company called Go Brazil Wines & Spirits. Actually two companies, because this one works in close contact with a marketing company. So, during this 4-5 months you are going to read posts on England and my (unpaid) job. As you could probably noticed from the name of the company itself, we sell brazilian wines (I know, I didn’t know Brazil makes wine!!).

I don’t want to advertise the company so just look at my (mis)adventures and have fun!!!!  😀

uk flag






New Year, new adventure. This time, I have landed in Staffordshire. Wine industry, different business. A wine shop this time, for 6 months. It will be fun, I’m sure 🙂 stay tuned!


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