Goodbye University, Hello “Work World”

Today, I can put a big END sign on a big chapter of my life. University is finally over (for the moment) and it is time to take a big step into the world of the adults. Work is no more an option (at least for me), but a necessity and a way of starting getting on our own feet, I guess. Managing a limited bugdet that you earned with a lot of effort (and I also mean that pocket money we earned at high school for babysitting, tutoring younger students, working weekends as waiters etc.) is something you have to learn along the way. There was a funny picture the other day on the internet of a little girl crying when she realises the wallet is empty. I sometimes feel the same way when I worked for weeks and all I have got is few pounds to spend.

The good side of getting a job (if we want to find one) is then being able to manage all the aspects of your life: economically speaking, you start learning how to organise yourself to arrive “at the end of the month” (as mum always tells me) with what you were given, you learn that you can’t have everything you want, that paying the rent and the bills is more important than spend all your money on going out (which is not something we need to delete from our list of pleasures, but maybe reduce a tiny bit if we can’t afford it) and so on. I am so glad mum and dad taught me all those things: to know how to live and be content when we have plenty and when things are tights.

It makes me appreciate more what I do to earn it. And that leads me to another thought that I sometimes find hard to explain to people: because you have to work (almost) all your life, better to do something you like, even if it is not a profitable earning. I find it more gratifying to do a lower-payed job that I like than to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds but going struggling to go to work, because I hate the job I’m doing.

People often say I am too picky on jobs, but come on! I had to study hard most of my life so far and I do not know what waits for me over there, so why do I have to dream low? Why setting for things that I do not like from the start? Why not dreaming big and look for jobs that safisfy me personally before my wallet? I might be wrong, but that is how I want to live: who cares about the money, if you are not happy!

money does not buy happiness

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you (Maya Angelou)



3 Things I Have Learned This Week

Do not think I will write about something philosophical or with a deep meaning. This first week at work taught me few interesting things that I wanted to share with you all.

1 – Picmonkey and Constant Contact. These are 2 of the programs that we normally use at work. They are largely used to prepare our weekly newsletters. I could play a bit with both of them and I must admit that they are quite interesting. Constant Contact is basically another MailChimp (probably more famous than Constant Contact), with the same functions and tools. Picmonkey, on the other hand, is an online program (no need to download it, it is possible to use it directly from the website to modify your pictures. You can creat banners, collages, add texts to your pictues etc.

2 – Not everybody thinks like you. I have already learned this lesson but I keep forgetting it. I re-learned it from work, home, friends, life in general. You always have to keep in mind that people are not you, they have their own lives, experiences and opinions. That is why the world is such a wonderful place. If everybody thinks the same, it will be toooooooo boring.

3 – Payday is the 2nd sweetest word in my vocabulary, just after Gewurztraminer. When you are given a true, material reward for your work, it feels so good! Do not get me wrong, compliments are a fair reward too, but once I heard from somebody that he never congratulated his employees, even if they did a great job because it would have boosted their ego and made them boasted about their abilities, losing their concentration. Maybe never is unfair, but it is true (at least for me) that if somebodies congratulates you, you start losing your ability to work effectively and efficiently somehow.


Just that. Leave you now, dinner is ready! Cheers everybody 🙂


I would like to right more than these few lines but in this period, everything seems to catch my entire attention, finish all my energies and consume all the free time I have.

A lot of new projects are ongoing and some are waiting to start (when some time to will be found) in different sectors and involving multiple modifications. But I will let you know as soon as they are complete.

For the moment, just know that even if I seem distant, careless regarding what you’re are doing in your lives, disappeared from your friend-radar, I am always looking after you, checking how you do. I am just doing it in a more silence and unnoticed way.

Hope to give you all more details. For now, wish you all the best and hope to see you soon ❤ ❤ ❤

New Worlds

Few months ago, I was overwhelmed by far too many things: objectives to reach, things to set up, lives to organise and I brilliantly thought of looking for a summer job. TERRIBLE IDEA!

Months passed and no answered filled my email box. One day magically appeared a new email apologising first for not replying earlier because they had to think of what job they could offer me. That was music for my ears! I was finally offered a summer job, whatever it was. At the beginning, as usual, I was a bit afraid of the work environment, the tasks to accomplish, the method of work ect. I was told I had to help in the promotion of a new line of Piedmontese wines, created by an association of local wineries. So far, REALLY interesting!

The starting day was last monday (it’s just been a week now that I work here) and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this company and especially this project. I knew wine was involved (and that was the most important aspect for me at the beginning) but the actual day-to-day tasks were rather obscure.

It is quite early to give a definitive opinion on this summer job, but I think I might do it for a long time: it has been a good start, everything is wine-oriented, I have a direct and active contribution to the project, even if it is limited to accomplish some less important tasks, and time flies. So far, it is a positive impression and I really hope it will be like that till the end.

Unfortunately, it won’t last forever, as the due end is mid-september or end of the month, but it will contribute enormously to my CV and my personal growth as I think I finally found my place in the world of work.


More news? soon 🙂

Venturing the Wine world


It will be the date in which I officially ventured dove into the fabulous world of Wine.

Eh oui! Everything started last week when I was looking for some events in Ipswich, just to take advantage of the possibility to do something interesting and unusual during the weekend or the evening. So I googled “events in Ipswich” and I found some very interesting -and as usual impossible to attend for me- courses, evenings, plays… . Among them a few wine tastings.

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