Who Am I?

I am a 20-something girl who for many reasons started to travel and doesn’t want to stop. If it is not obvious I have a passion for travelling, wherever I can. A lack of money is the only thing that clamps down my overwhelming desire. Through this blog I would like to share with you all the experiences I am making around the countries I have been visiting for 4 years. I don’t know why I haven’t opened before but now I will annoy you with lots of funny stories I passed through.

So far, I have been through various activities in my personal pursuit of happyness and my place in life 😉

Finally, this is my last year of Uni: I am attending a Master’s Degree in International Business and Negotiation, with a wine specification at the University of Angers. Also, I currently play the flute (since 2001) in the local band, I used to play volleyball in a semi-professional team (and I keep on playing at every chance I’ve got, like at Uni), I started dancing country line dance (with the Country Hurricane) and occasionnaly attended some classes of salsa and bachata. I like swimming when I have a free moment and going for a walk, as I am so lucky to live in the countryside. In my short life I also tried playing tennis, football, basketball, rollerblading. During High School, we had the possibility to know and try some Olympic sports: Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Ski jumping (I am sorry I didn’t try this one, It was just too scary!!!); plus, we went skiing and ice-skating.

When I had more time and less travel, I used to participate in the local summer camp for children 6-14 (a looooong stressful month but full of joy and rewards), I am in the group that organises the local fair in September plus a number of other occasional celebrations.

Moreover, I like all the ordinary stuff: going out with my friends (whatsapp, FB and Twitter are not among them!), watching movies, reading almost everything that is handy, cooking (oh, I have a real passion for it!), gardening, playing with my little dog, taking care of the house (when I am home, of course!), dreaming on the next trip, relaxing for few days in the mountains.

My level of English is not excellent, so please!!!! Be patient and if you see some enormous mistake let me know! I am here to improve my language skills. And it is the first time I have a blog so if something can be changed, I am all ears!

Hope you will like it and laugh with me of my misfortunes! 🙂


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