Venturing the Wine world


It will be the date in which I officially ventured dove into the fabulous world of Wine.

Eh oui! Everything started last week when I was looking for some events in Ipswich, just to take advantage of the possibility to do something interesting and unusual during the weekend or the evening. So I googled “events in Ipswich” and I found some very interesting -and as usual impossible to attend for me- courses, evenings, plays… . Among them a few wine tastings.

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“Amigo, llévate lo que tú quieras,Friendship-Wallpapers-HD
penetra tu mirada en los rincones,
y si así lo deseas yo te doy mi alma entera
con sus blancas avenidas y sus canciones.

Amigo —con la tarde haz que se vaya
este inútil y viejo deseo de vencer,

Bebe en mi cántaro si tienes sed.

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Pancake Tuesday!

The 4th of March. Why is it so important? Because it’s PANCAKE TUESDAY! Pancake-Challenge

It is the day before Ash Wednesday, that marks the periof of fast and abstinence of Lent, also known as SHROVE TUESDAY. The term “shrove” comes from the verb “to shrive” originally meant “to write”: in fact, in Medieval England, the priest would hear someone’s confession and write an appropriate penance down, so that the person would have been shriven. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to this period of penitence; Tuesday was the last opportunity for Christians to confess theirs sins before the start of Lent.

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