30 Days To Go

30 more days to go before classes at Uni finish.conto alla rovescia

30 more days to go before I leave France (for a while).

30 more days to go before a new adventure starts.

30 more days to go before the end of the chapter of my life.

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Not Afraid

“I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my hand (come take my hand)
We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just letting you know that you’re not alone
Holler if you feel like you’ve been down the same road (same road)”    (Not Afraid – Eminem)

It’s time to start another trip. Another adventure is coming. Tomorrow I fly to France (again) to start my final year of Master Degree. I have not talked a lot about my life during these months, because they have been quite intense. Now, work is finished (I will say something in that too), the stuff is (nearly) ready, the house seems to be there, so I am waiting for tomorrow to come.

As my little experience on travels taught me, I am expecting some funny memories to remember and to tell you, so you may laugh at my misfortunes you too.

As it is written on the top, I am not afraid (well not anymore) to take my stand, to do what I think it’s good for me, to make my own choices. The lyrics meant something different for Eminem, but I love thinking that you can model words to your own needs (isn’t what politicians do all the time?) I have learned a lot during these years, I have grown and become a different person (I do not know whether good or bad), I have understood that it is not always other people’s fault if something goes wrong. If you are not “brave” enough to take the responsability of your choices, actions and positions, you will never get out of the crowd, you will always be part of that undefined number of people that follow wind direction without taking a stand.

Better if I go and finish packing 😉


Venturing the Wine world


It will be the date in which I officially ventured dove into the fabulous world of Wine.

Eh oui! Everything started last week when I was looking for some events in Ipswich, just to take advantage of the possibility to do something interesting and unusual during the weekend or the evening. So I googled “events in Ipswich” and I found some very interesting -and as usual impossible to attend for me- courses, evenings, plays… . Among them a few wine tastings.

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