The Job of My Dreams

I think I had an epiphany this morning! And I love when they simply come out of the blue, whitout even looking for them: it is the best way to start you day! Let me explain.


It seemed a normal busy day like any other: I woke up, I had a shower and dressed myself to go to work.

When I was preparing my coffee, the idea just flashed in front of my eyes! And I started to build my project rapidly and I was so excited of my little plan that time passed and I was nearly late, as usual. 🙂

Anyway, I finally found the job of my dreams, the one that will never make me bored of, the perfect solution to my splee

n about life. Of course, it would be valid just if I were abroad. And you know why??? Because I would organise some italian cooking lessons for foreign housewives.  I will explain you why I came to this conclusion:

– I love cooking;

– foreign people are just fond of italian cuisine;

– they just eat so called “Italian” meals (that honestly don’t look so genuine);

– I love travelling;

– I don’t mind living abroad;

– I am Italian;

– I hate desk jobs;

– I hate even more routine.

So, with these pros on one side and just the “disadvantage” of cleaning up the kitchen once the lesson is finished I thought it would be my perfect job. I would have some part time job or something similar, that doesn’t absorb all my day and I would be able to prepare my lessons (do you believe that I have already planned that I would have 5 courses of 10 lessons each??) and welcome all the ladies (and boys) that would try to cook some Italian typical dishes. I am sorry but I won’t reveal my plans completely 😛 .

I am so proud of my plan that I can’t wait for starting my researches. I have to:

– find a city to live in;

– prepare the luggages;

– find some sort of job;

– have my own house with a beautiful big kitchen (maybe equipped with a kitchen island) and a even bigger sideboard to store all my ingredients;

– look for some interesting recipes to teach;

– submit the course in an interesting way.

I guess I will have a lot of work to do and maybe it will be a good idea if I already start. I won’t give up on my project, so don’t try to convince me to put my dream apart. How about sending me some suggestions on which dishes I should teach or which country I should go to????

Cheers! 😀


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